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Should NATO be in Afganistan?

Michael A. Innes
Visiting Research Fellow POLIS
Contributor to Foreign Policy magazine’s AfPak Channel
Monday 30th November

Asylum, Rights and Destitution in Leeds

Monday 16th November 12.00-13.00Olivier NKunzimana of RETAS (Refugee Education and Training Advisory Service), 3rd year student and refugee from Congo, speaks about ‘the asylum experience’

Hannah Lewis, independent researcher, reviews the ‘asylum system’ and explains what happens to refugees when claims are refused.

Katrina Burton, project manager of ‘Short Stop’ (Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network), talks about ‘homelessness and destitution among refugees in Leeds’

11:14 Social Science Building

02 November 2009 | 12pm – 1pm | Seminar

Room 11.14 Social Sciences Building

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Communism continues to provide a potent alternative to capitalism around the world. What is it? What was it like?

Come and find out.

All staff and students welcome!

Behind the News: Issues in Development, IR and Politics

05 October 2009 | Behind the News: Issues in Development, IR and Politics | Seminar

“The financial crisis: One year on”. Interested in how the crisis has affected governments in the developed and developing world? How might it affect you? How did the global institutions cope? Should bankers receive bonuses?

Come along to ask questions, express your views or just to find out more.


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